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Why Reupholster - uncover motives

Do you think it's a crime to get rid of a piece of furniture just because it's threadbare?

Is your grandmother's sofa your most prized possession?

These are excellent reasons to reupholster, but there are many more.

Once you uncover your motives you'll be well on your way to creating the piece of furniture you've always wanted.

Use this checklist as your first step:

Motive #1: Style

_  You love the line and shape of your piece

_  Its proportions are perfect in relation to your other furniture

_  You dislike the new bigger styles on the market today

Motive #2: Quality

_  Your piece is still in great shape except for the fabric

_  It's so well made, it has lasted longer than any of your other furniture

_  You have experienced shoddy craftsmanship in newer furniture

Motive #3: Sentiment

_  Your chair, sofa or loveseat is your favorite piece of furniture

_  You inherited the piece from your mother, grandmother or favorite aunt

_  Everyone in the family loves the piece, including the dog

Motive #4: Environment

_  You believe in recycling

_  You refuse to get rid of a great piece of furniture just because the fabric is worn out

If you checked more than two of the statements above, call Undercover Upholstery !