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Philosopy -

begin with a theory

To solve any mystery, it's important to have a theory.

Andrew Wycislak, owner of Undercover Upholstery, bases his theory of reupholstery on a single question – what is the true essence of the piece of furniture?

Once this is revealed, Andrew works to bring out the innate beauty of the piece. Usually the frame offers the most clues. If there's a beautiful curve, he makes sure that the placement of the fabric and double-corded trim accentuates that curve.

He works with you to find the absolute perfect fabric. It must blend with your décor. It must follow the intent of the frame. It must be love at first sight, and love under all different kinds of light – morning, evening and artificial. That's why Andrew loans out his fabric books. He believes you must live with the fabric before ordering it.

Andrew lives in Elmhurst with his wife Trisha in an Arts and Crafts style home, built in 1913. They insist that any addition looks like it came from the original architect, and that's how he'll treat your piece of furniture. . . . It's his theory and he's sticking to it.