It was late and I was getting ready to close up my Elmhurst office when she walked in with tears in her eyes. It was clear that something was bothering her. I took her inside, gave her a glass of water, and she began to tell an all too familiar tale.

It was just like many of the other cases I've seen at Undercover Upholstery. They come in with sad stories about an old chair, or an antique sofa, something that's been in the family for years; old, discolored, torn fabric, a broken leg or two. A shadow of what it used to be. I told her I'd take the case, and I focused my sleuthing skills on finding the hidden beauty in Great-Grandma Haddie's antique chair.

Since I opened Undercover Upholstery in 1999, I've been perfecting the art of furniture restoration. I know how to uncover the beauty in an old, dusty sofa through upholstery, recovery, and repair. It's all elementary to me.

My name is Andrew Wycislak, the Dick Tracy of furniture recovery, and if you have a story similar to the one described here, then I urge you to contact me for a consultation and estimate. Just call me at 630-834-7515. I'll see your case from start to finish.